Street Portraits - Hannah

Stranger 92/100 – Hannah

There she was standing there looking lost as she searched for the location of her audition.

I was going up and down Bridal Lane in Soho (a location many of the London based 100 stranger photographers are familiar with) hoping to find a stranger. Hannah was there and I just had to approach her. She agreed to a portrait but said it had to be quick as she had an audition to get to in 5 minutes.

I positioned her in the street and took a shot… and it looked fantastic straight of the bat. However, I knew it could be better and so I got her to hold the reflector and fired a few more shots. On this final shot I got her bring a chin down just slightly and I had my shot.

Hannah is an actress/model and I am so happy that she agreed to this portrait. Thank you for being a part of my project.

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