Sunset on the Shard at Canary Wharf

Finally Spring has arrived and about time too. This has to have been one of the longest winters I have known in a long time. But now that the sun has finally come out, its great to see people coming out again.

Anyway, this weeks shots are from Canary Wharf from a few weekends ago when the sun had decided to come out of hibernation. I had decided this time to take my tripod out one late afternoon / early evening and captured these shots. Canary Wharf was a ghost town apart from a few tourists and the odd photographer. The scene was very quiet and in complete contrast to how I had seen it during the week. The sunset was beautiful this evening with the rays bursting through the dramatic clouds. A friend of mine mentioned that it reminded him of scene out of Gotham, unfortunately the Bat signal did not arrive to complete the scene.

While the sunset was awesome I wanted to capture something a little bit more than just the sunset. I was pleased with the one above but also of my second running picture below. The key element for me though were the rays complementing the shard perfectly.

Sunset on the Shard
Evening running

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