100 Stranger portrait 81/100

Having done the “Drive-by” portrait of Ed ( Stranger 80 ), I was keen to create a portrait using an installation I had earmarked as a backdrop. I had seen Cecil Balmond’s “H_Edge” installation the night before and had waited 2-3 hours with no joy. Today, I felt more optimistic but still had to bide my time.

I already had one rejection that day but am so glad as otherwise I wouldn’t have met Yasmine. She was sitting nearby waiting for a friend who was more than 40 minutes late when I approached her. Although, slightly hesitant at first when I explained the project and showed her what I had in mind she agreed to follow me into the installation.

The good and the bad thing about this installation was the lights placed on the floor illuminated the shimmering metal nicely but it was also creating all sorts of dappled lighting on Yasmine’s face. I moved her very carefully until the light was even on her face although my directions did cause a little confusion at first. I took a few shots and reviewed them with Yasmine and she agreed with me that this was the shot which had the best connection.

Yasmine is originally from Somalia and it turns out that she is no stranger to having her portrait taken as she is often a guinea pig for her photographer friend. Thank you so much for allowing me to take your portrait Yasmine, hope you like it.

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