Stranger 71/100 – Gina

I had been looking to use the white birch trees outside the Tate Modern for a while but had never found the right stranger. That is, until I met Gina. I had met my friend, Katya for some nice lunch and but before my evening commitments we decided to get out and shoot a little.

In fact I was in mid conversation with Katya when I just walked off!! A bit rude I know but we both accept this as a hazard of stranger shooting. As I approached Gina from afar, she clocked me straight away and I smiled at her. Katya noticed that her first instinct was the clutch her bag which I suppose is natural given we were in a Tourist place. In any case, I approached and explained the project and the longer I talked the more comfortable she became with the idea.

I took her through to these white birches and placed her a little further into the frame with a tree in front which I hope is leading you to her. The expression was all her but with just a little tweaking from me. I love it, when the strangers are naturals in front of the camera and she definitely was.

Gina is a French psychologist who has been living in London for 3 years. When I showed her the pictures she seemed to really like them so I hope she gets in contact so I can share it with her. Thanks Gina for being my 71st stranger.


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