The Ape, Nun and a Stranger Style Portrait

You could not make up the story of how I met Kamila in Valencia. 8 guys including myself were in Valencia to celebrate one of my best friend’s stag weekend. In true British tradition we had him dress up especially for the occasion… as an ape, and decided he should have pictures with some of the ladies of Valencia. I saw Kamila sitting there and decided that she she was a suitable subject. After the initial surprise she was amused by the whole situation and was game. Fast forward to the evening and the lads were out for a bar crawl. We met in St Patrick’s bar where I met Carolina, our guide and she had decided to bring a friend along for company. That friend happened to be…. yes you guessed it, Kamila!!!!!!

There was a time that I used to be surprised by these coincidences but not any more. But I still love it when it happens and I am still smiling about it as I write about it now. Anyway what happens on the tour stays on tour so I won’t say anything more about the stag weekend itself. But, after it was over, I stayed a couple more days with a few of my mates. I wanted to do some stranger portraits and asked Kamila, who had expressed an interest in photography, to join me.

Unfortunately, the weather turned against us and we spent more time in a creperie than out on the streets. However, when we were out there I saw a couple of nuns, one of which had such character and a certain something that I wanted to capture in a portrait. I got Kamila to ask the nun’s for permission, but the elder nun declined. I was gutted. In any case, I did not go empty handed as I got Kamila to stand in to test out a shot for me. It seemed to work and now all I needed was a stranger. Unfortunately no one came. I was disappointed that I had not got my stranger shot, but once I returned to UK and started looking at the pictures and came across this one, I knew I had something much much better.

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