Stranger Portraits

Having had a really successful day taking portrait of strangers, my friend and I were about to call it a day for some well earned beers. However, as we were leaving I saw Charlotte and her family window shopping outside Hanks Guitars. Her red hair, purple gloves and scarf immediately drew me in and thankfully she agreed to a portrait.

I felt that the façade to the shop would complement the various colours that she had on and so I decided to use the same spot as another portrait that I had taken. I had a sweet shot of her smiling which came out really nicely but I also liked this one without the smile although I believe it still comes through.

Unfortunately this was a very short encounter and although we chatted a little bit about the project, I didn’t find out too much about her. However, she had a really sweet demeanor and I hope she drops in to check the picture out.

Thanks Charlotte for being a part of my project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the

100 Strangers Flickr Group Page

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