A quiet moment

When I am out shooting for my 100 strangers project, sometimes I am drawn to the person and sometimes it’s the scene.

Having had one rejection, I decided to take Clay Enos’s advice from his Street Portrait youtube video, and refocused and went to bring that energy to the next opportunity.

I saw these restaurant workers sitting outside this blue reflective wall just behind Berwick Street in Soho and asked them if I could take the portrait. Paco, the younger guy, looked suspicious and sized me up, deciding if it was okay. I explained that I was drawn to their reflection in the wall and this made them a little more relaxed about it. I didn’t ask them to pose as firstly I didn’t want to overstay my welcome plus I actually like the candid style of this final shot.

After taking two shots I thanked Paco and Bob and then showed them the picture. After that, I was on my way.

Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the

100 Strangers Flickr Group Page

For anyone interested in doing your own 100 strangers project, here is the Clay Enos video which gives some great advice:

Clay Enos – Street portraits How to

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