Shooting Street Photography for an Assignment

I recently did a photography course at the college of St Martins, London. The course was called “Improve Your Photography” with the emphasis being more on the creativity rather than the technical side.

My classmates were cool and all had a very different approach to their photography with varying interests such as landscape, portraits, street photography and the more abstract. Over the course of the ten weeks we got to know each other, appreciate each others styles and feed of it.

Every week, our teacher would set an assignment and we would share and discuss our photo’s in the following lesson. I looked forward to these show and tells but with a small dose of apprehension. Would my pictures be good enough? How did everyone else approach the assignment? In any case, I loved seeing what my friends had come up with and how it came from a completely different perspective to mine. The discussions were also illuminating and helped me develop my understanding of photography.

My interest is more in Street Photography and I guess this showed in through in the assignments. One of my favourite shots was this one where all of the elements fell in place.

On another note, I was interested to see that a number of my classmates and I come from a non-creative background. Photography appears to be a creative outlet which we don’t have during our day jobs. What about you? Do your interests compliment or contrast your work life?

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