Back in Time

This was stranger number 3 of my 100 strangers project. A family relative and I went out shooting for the day and after spending some time out in Camden, we decided to head to Scooters Cafe in Waterloo.

As soon as you walk into the cafe you are transported back in time in a surreal but enjoyable way. I saw Vera sitting by the back door underneath this intriguing lamp shade and knew that I had to take a picture and that it would be perfect for the project.

I immediately approached her and asked if I could take her portrait to which she kindly agreed (she had been out shooting that day too). Vera is from Russia and was there for the weekend and her friend worked in the cafe. I took a few shots but finally picked this one as I liked her half smile and thought this gave it an air of mystery. Thank you very much Vera for being a part of my project.

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